Our Counselling Service...

Sometimes problems and changes to our lives can seem overwhelming, and there seems to be no time to express how we feel about these things.

Still Waters is a community-run service which is based on Christian guidelines. However, we take pride in serving both Christians and Non-Christians alike, without any form of discrimination. At Still Waters, we offer a confidential and professional counselling service in many areas, where it would help the Client to have an experienced listening ear to enable them to reassess their situation and move on. Suchs problems may include:

  • Bereavement, Personal Loss, Redundancy, Illness, Abuse, Marriage Difficulties, Separation, Divorce, Addiction, Panic Attacks, Child Abuse, Stress, Rape, Eating Disorders, Debt and more.
  • Still Waters counsellors are qualified and trained to a minimum of Diploma level, although some are in their final year of completing their Diploma. Our Counsellors are members of and/or are accredited with the BACP/ACC and experienced in counselling children, young people and adults.


    If you would like to arrange an appointment please telephone (07768) 848045.

    Alternatively, you can send us an email to enquiries@bystillwaters.co.uk